Crypto invoicing

that's simple & free

Smart Invoice is an easy-to-use tool that provides web3 freelancers with cryptocurrency invoicing, escrow, and arbitration.

Free to use. No email signup required.

Accept cryptocurrency payments for your work

Choose from 17 tokens to get paid with, including USDT, USDC, WETH, DAI and more!


Decide which cryptocurrency to be paid with and in how many payments.


Escrow funds are secured via a smart contract until released to your wallet.


Integrated dispute resolution through a third party arbitrator, if you need it.


The smart way to get paid as a web3 freelancer.

  • Prevent clients sending funds to the wrong wallet address

  • Stay organized with all of your invoices in one place

  • Quickly see the status of each invoice

  • Download PDFs of each invoice for your records


Protect your money.

Protect your time.

Do business with anyone, anywhere, even if you don’t know or trust them yet

Gain the peace of mind that you will get paid if you do the work

Get paid as you complete project milestones, instead of at the end of your project

Protect yourself from chargebacks and fraud


Dispute resolution,

without the stress.

Benefit from impartial decision making in case of conflict

Maximum arbitration service fee of 5%, automatically deducted from escrow

No need to find a third party arbitrator on your own

Super smooth, great UI. The most straightforward escrow.

MadFinance team

This changes everything!


Freelance Developer

We're forking this!

Based Ghouls Dev Team

That time we really got f***ed we forgot to use Smart Invoice.


Designed for all freelancers

Smart Invoice was created to be a simple and secure tool that freelancers in all fields could easily use, regardless of project size. You don’t have to be a developer or “technical.”

Not your typical web3 story

Built by freelancers,

for freelancers

Smart Invoice is a free tool, built as a public good, by a team of web3 freelancers operating out of the RaidGuild DAO.

It was originally created as an internal tool by the RaidGuild DAO to solve the most common challenges around receiving cryptocurrency payments for our service work. It proved to be so effective, simple, and secure to use that we decided to spin up a public version.

Through the generosity of MolochDAO and their grants program, we’ve been able to continue building out Smart Invoice for anyone to use regardless of economic status, location, or technical ability.

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Free to use

No email sign up needed

Integrated escrow

Arbitration available

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